25 September 2017

// engagement party //

as if a day full of sweet surprises and events with friends and family + getting proposed to wasn't enough... brian gathered SO many of our closest friends together to host the sweetest engagement party later that evening!

earlier in the afternoon, he told me that ellyn was getting a few of our friends together for a small party so i wasn't expecting a surprise at all! every time i would ask if a specific person was going to be there he would nonchalantly say, "oh they're out of the town for the weekend" or "they really wanted to come but already had plans" which seemed entirely plausible to me:) so when we rolled up and the street was lined with cars, i was totally caught off guard! "you're gonna need your heels for this one, babe!" he said as i spied the "she said yes" banner on the front porch. we walked around the corner of the house and the backyard was full of everyone i had been asking about earlier! and on top of that, most of my family and some dear out-of-town friends were there!! SO surprised!!

thanks em for capturing this and thank you to all who celebrated with us and came together to make it such a memorable night! 

this is just a taste of the images em shared with us -- you can find the rest HERE