20 September 2017

// we're getting married!! //

a few weeks ago, on what i thought was going to be just another ordinary friday workday, i got the biggest surprise of my life!
you see, the last 6 months have been full of learning to trust and be content. trusting that brian is working and preparing for seasons to come and learning to be content with where the Lord has us. because of this & other dynamics, i was not expecting a proposal for at least another month or two!
though b & i hadn't talked about engagement timeline since the spring, i knew he was working towards sometime this fall. and then in august we both had major car troubles and pretty major financial set backs so i was sure that anything he had been working towards was pushed back a while. little did i know that he had been working and preparing so many things for a very special september first and everything was right on track as planned!
i woke up that morning knowing that i had a really busy day but little did i know that most of my "plans" were actually part of a really thoughtful day that brian had planned for me! he asked really dear friends and family to walk me through a day of reflection and celebration and it was the sweetest gift!  if you'd like to hear all the details and specifics, i'd love to share them! so after spending a good part of the day walking through recreations of our first dates and enjoying time with loved ones, i was given one last letter which led me to b. and there on one knee, overlooking the mississippi river, he asked me to be his WIFE for LIFE! i can't begin to tell you the ways this man has blessed my walk and taught me about grace and persistence. so humbled to share this life with him as we live for a kingdom yet to come.
// friendship is a deep oneness that develops when two people, speaking the truth in love to one another, journey together to the same horizon | tim keller //

lil fraz has done time with us both and it was such an honor to see her pop out of the bushes, mud up her shins, snapping photos of our moment! she also has a way with words and you should swing over to her blog post about our engagement when you're done looking at these fab photos she took! we were seriously so excited that we couldn't look in any one direction for more than 3 seconds! haha so some of these are so funny to look at but i love the excitement that they hold! 

another blog post to come soon with photos of the phenomenal surprise they pulled off later that evening!

13 June 2017

new orleans | summer 2017

over the weekend, i got to slip out of town for a little while to new orleans with brian and our friends matthew & anteelah! it was so fun to share life together, try new things and simply rest. air bnb's can be hit or miss but we managed to score one that accommodated us appropriately and was within walking distance of the st. charles streetcar and a fabulous little neighborhood! 

one of my favorite things about NOLA is the architecture and we got our fill of that! the little area we stayed in is called riverbend and is situated right on one of the curves of the mississippi river. they've created a walking path on top of the levee and we took advantage of it to see the sights! riding the streetcar down st charles is amazing-- the houses are phenomenal and the landscaping is so beautiful! 

 you can't visit without eating some delicious food and we started our weekend at a place around the corner from our house called the cow bell. it had a lot of fun character and was delicious! one of brian and matthew's old mtr coaches took us to a really fun place called dats dogs that had everything from your usual brats & hot dogs to alligator sausage! she also gave us some incredible history lessons about the history of the city, education in NOLA and hurricane katrina. we made sure to pick up some hot beignets from cafe du monde while in the french quarter and the artisan bakery down the street from our house provided yummy cookies and sunday morning mimosas.

really thankful for this opportunity to step away from the daily grind for a little bit and so blessed to get time with b, m & a!