30 August 2010


This was a total God shot. I walked out to the car one morning on my way to the gym and this photo was all planned out, waiting for me to click the shutter!

Taking a picture every.single.blessed.day means getting really creative at times and working to make commonplace items look unique. Especially when it's 10:30 or 11 at night and you *just* remembered to do it! 
 You also miss a day once in a while {even after setting 4 different reminders on your phone to: "Take P.A.D.!!!"} but it just makes you more determined not to miss the next day.  

This blog is to document my personal journey of taking one picture a day and I welcome comments, critique, and encouragement! Let me know your favorites!


11 August 2010

PAD- Picture a Day

Monday I started PAD- Picture A Day. It seems very simple, but I've already missed a day accidentally! For the first month or so I'll have to be very dedicated about remembering...but it should become habit after that.

Two of my photographer friends, Ron and Debra (www.outoftheboxphotography.com), have encouraged me several times over the past two years to take up this project. By focusing on various subjects, aspects and concepts of photography, just one day at a time, you learn so much and your photography grows with you. It also keeps you shooting even when you get into slumps and don't feel like picking up your camera. I'm very excited about this new project and can't wait to see where it takes me!
Here is PAD: Day 1:

In a few weeks or so, I'll open a separate blog for my collection of PAD photos...and I'd love to hear any critique or encouragement you have!