31 December 2010

DIY: Chalkboard Globe

 This was one of the first ideas that got me rolling on gifts this Christmas.
Not only is it unique, versatile & perfect for guys or girls-- it's very easy and inexpensive to pull together. {The hardest part for me was finding a globe!}

To start with, you need chalkboard paint! Now you *can* buy it in the store or -for a fraction of the cost- follow this simple ratio and make your own --in any color you wish!
Ratio: 2 Tablespoons of Tile Grout per 8 oz. of paint

My observations:
  • One tub of grout goes a really looong way- especially on smaller projects- and allows you to use various colors instead of just one.
  •  Mixing in a disposable glass jar is preferable to mixing in a plastic tub.
  •  Mix your paint in small amounts because whatever you don't use in the space of a few hours gets really gummy and you have to throw it out.
  • For smaller projects, you can pick up 2 oz bottles of acrylic paint at your craft store (which is much less expensive per project than buying paint by the pint or quart.  (I used less than 2 oz of paint to coat a normal size globe twice)
Once your paint is mixed:
  • quickly prepare your globe's surface if you haven't already (wipe with a slightly damp cloth; use masking tape on anything you don't want painted...)
  • Using a small paint brush, coat the areas you want painted with at least two coats of paint (letting dry in between coats)
  • After your last coat of paint is applied, let the globe sit for at least 24 hours before writing on the surface.

Side Project
If you are giving this as a gift, you might want to add chalk...why not enclose it in a unique package?

 Take a small box (jewelry boxes work great) and paint with 1-2 coats of leftover chalkboard paint. 
Leave as is or create a design with chalk on the surface and then spray with Acrylic coating to set the design.
I was incredibly loathe to paint this globe. I loved the colors and it was so vintage!

{although I found it on the Fossil blog, the idea is originally from Design*Sponge}

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