31 December 2010

DIY: fabric yoyos

These fun little flowers are all unique and can be used to accessorize so many things. The best part?! All you need is a needle, thread {the thread color doesn't *have* to match}, circles of fabric & a button per circle.
Now follow the directions below:

Start with any size circle. Just remember that  the finished flower will be half the size of the original circle.

With your needle and thread, stitch a running stitch completely around the circle.

When you've arrived back at your beginning stitch, start pulling the thread all the way through so the fabric starts bunching together.

When the bunching is tight, flatten out the flower and pull the fabric at different points until you're happy with the look. Then, while keeping the stitches tight, add a few stitches securing the top of the flower to the bottom. I would suggest sewing the button on now, although you can always do it later.

Here are a few of the things I created using yo-yo flowers!

After choosing your layout, use small stitches to secure them to a shirt.


I used mix-matched buttons from my great-grandmother's button tin.

It's very easy to create hair flowers too (see next picture)

Take a large bobby pin and insert a square of felt in between the prongs at the closed end. Apply hot glue and immediately press finished yo-yo on top. (stitching the flower to the felt might work better long-term but I haven't tried it yet)

This headband was made by stitching finished yo-yo flowers onto a length of wide rick rack.
{original idea for yo-yos found in a magazine)

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