02 December 2010

DIY:: Placemat Stationary Holder

  • 1 Placemat 
  • 1 coordinating ribbon belt
  • sewing machine

1) Measure roughly 26 inches of your belt starting at the D ring end, and cut off excess.
2) Double fold cut end under and sew straight across.
3) Take your placemat and fold, bottom to top, 2/3 of the way up.

4) Pin ends together then pin to make 3 divisions (tri-fold)
5) Before sewing your ends and sections, take your belt and fold the end with the D rings over 2-3 inches. With the D ring side facing down from you, stitch the edge of the fold in between the folds at the left side of the placemat.

7) Completely sew that end closed before sewing along the other pins.

8) Tri-fold, wrap the belt around,  and buckle.

Now you have yourself a place to hold your inspirations, bills, stationary... you name it! Or make it a silverware wrapper by sewing smaller divisions.

*** If you have any questions let me know. Making and creating things comes more easily to me than writing up blog posts and how to's!

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