02 December 2010

DIY:: Pine Cone Winter Door Hanging

9 yards of 1" width ribbon
6 pine cones
(or just go by the ratio of 1 1/2 yards ribbon per pine cone)

1) Cut ribbon into lengths of 1 1/2 yards.
2) Individually tie ribbon to top tip of pine cone with a double knot (you may need to fold the end of the ribbon to make it easier to tie)
3)Using a hot glue gun, place a few drops around the knots you just made, securing them to the pine cone stem.

4) When glue is dry, gather ribbons together, half in each hand, and tie a bow. If you wish for a staggered pine cone look, simply pull the ribbons to various lengths in your hand before tying. You should have excess ribbon hanging down after you tie your bow... leave as is or trim ends to lengths of your liking.
5) It's that simple! Now hang and admire!!

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