20 December 2010

::Gift Wrap::

Your Christmas shopping is all done (or almost done) & now you have loads of bags from stores...some even have Christmas prints on them! Or maybe you've run out of wrapping paper and you're snowed inside. Is there a solution?! Yes!  Turn all of those bags {paper or plastic} into gift wrap.
Oh and did you run out of ribbon too? Use scraps of fabric you have lying around...or twine...anything that is long and can be tied;) get creative!
Taking the time to wrap gifts creatively {even if it's just wrapping something instead of putting it in a bag!} is the last step to completing a gift which shows the recipient that you care about them.

Here are a few I came up with ... So far I've used Trader Joe's, Starbucks bags and scraps of fabric. {I've yet to do the majority of my wrapping and try the other ideas. Here's a link for a pom pom made out of a grocery sack!}

Add some color of your own with pens or markers. Paint would be very special too!
To get the frayed look with the ribbon, cut a strip (or whatever shape/size) and then roll around in your hand like you would a ball of dough.

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