03 December 2010

Inspiration Links

{I've shared just a few  of the do.it.yourself ideas which I've already had the opportunity to try but since I don't have the time to pull more posts together, I'm sharing a quick list of websites which should give much inspiration as you create and purchase gifts this Christmas season.} 


{Design Sponge}

{Martha Stewart}
{once you go to this link, scroll down to view links to other DIY gift galleries (i.e., for guys, chillen's, etc.)}  

{Fossil Blog} 

{MStetson Design} 

{Man Made Diy}  (I was so excited when I found this site because there just are very few diy/inspirational websites which are geared towards guys!)

When it comes to DIY, a lot of it just has to do with seeing something you like and thinking "I could make that!". So you see it, examine it if possible, take a few mental notes on how it's essentially put together and then go home and work with what you've got...tweaking it until you like the result. And most of all, have fun with it and think outside the box!

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