21 February 2011

Blinks= Blurbs and Links;)

So when there's a bunch of stuff I'm lovin' and wanting to post about individually but don't have enough of a certain thing called time... well then a post like this one gets thrown together. Lots of links and a few blurbs. But check those links out-- cause you might just discover something frabjous;)

First up: 
               Valentines Day: The girls around our home had our annual V-day tea {which was lovely but definitely missing a lot since most of us were sick and jus' plumb worn out} but I totally missed posting anything about it or about Love day in general. If I had had time, I would have posted something along the lines of this lady's thoughts and added a link to these vintage cards and thrown in a few snapshots from tea.
We've gotten to know a sweet lady at one of the shops in BC over the years and when she heard about our upcoming V-day tea, she put together some new teas for us and a little blessing.

The girls and I made some lovely window hangings from crayon shavings and wax paper:) I remember making them with Mama when I was little.

                     I've been so blessed this school year to always have comfy and quiet places for studying during the week but my favorites are always the small, individually owned coffee shops. And I have two within minutes from my house!! Thank you Jesus! I wasn't introduced to The Strange Brew until last fall (even though I'd passed it several times a week for at least two years) but it quickly became a favorite. The other one, Coffehouse Five, just opened about a month ago and it's been marvelous. It's actually in a gym but they've worked really hard to create a wonderful ambiance. If you're a local- you should stop by them both sometime. {oh and yes, they do serve scrumptious drinks- it's not just the atmosphere that draws me!}

                Let's see...what's next. Oh yes! I'm loving ranuculus flowers. Like a lot. And if you'd like to surprise me with a bunch I'd love that even more;) teehee 

But seriously. They are just so papery and layered and each one is different and they come in so many colors and,and,and! Just google search 'ranuculus' and the most spring/summer images will take over your screen;)  Oh and for weeks I've been swooning over Meadowbrooke Farms gorgeous ranuculus images. The light and colors= phew!

        Mary and Faith have given me lots of inspiration when it comes to layering skirts with dresses and skirts with skirts. It had been something I'd muddled about in my mind for ages {cause c'mon, we layer everything else!} but because I never had the right combinations I'd get stuck. {Just like there are some shirts you shouldn't layer together, when it comes to skirts/dresses-- you can't just throw any combination together}.

Now that I'm past those "stuck" days, I've had ever so much fun with it over the winter and I cannot WAIT to try spring and summer pairings! {Layering skirts/dresses is so much more than just a fashion statement- it gives a kick to your ensemble, and can add a layer of warmth or some length when needed.} Like I said, this post is just blurbs but I'll be working on a whole post devoted to this topic!

                I'm not usually a fruit tea person unless it's summer-- I stick with the rich black teas come cold weather -- but one day I brewed Tazo's Wild Sweet Orange and a Pomegranate blend together {try this P-blend}and I've been hooked ever since. You should definitely try it {it produces the prettiest color too!} or come up with your own blend. We don't have to be limited to what's in *one* tea bag!

Two more-- I'm almost done! You're a trooper to wade through my rambles. {I ramble badly. Whenever I try to be simple and straight to the point in blogging, I keep going. Like now.}

                   BHLDN. YOU.MUST.VISIT.THIS. brand new site! Especially if you love vintage and heirlooms. And weddings. And frippery. and.and.and! I just about *squealed*  when I got a preview in my inbox a few weeks ago. And then definitely squealed when I visited the site for the first time yesterday!!! Love.love.love!
Saying it's marvelous is an understatement. *sigh*

                   Last one: Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. It's... (my mind's running out of expressive words) doozie. {Haha. How's that for one?} It's great to work around in your hands when your stressed...or working on homework. *AND* it comes in all sorts of crazy awesome ways. Like a kind that changes colors. And one that's magnetic. And glow in the dark. Yeah. You should get some:)

oh wait. {You thought I was done didn't you?!}
                     I promise I'm done after this: You should listen to the brand new song "Dear You" by Kelsey Muse. And the rest of her fantastic work. 

|The End.|

photo credits: www.iappreciatethat.com | www.reviews-tazo-tea.blogspot.com | www.bhldn.com | www.puttyworld.com | www.kelseymuse.com


  1. What a cute tea time! Wild Sweet Orange is really yummy, you should try it iced with lemonade in the summer! Don't apologize about rambling, I enjoyed everything you wrote about. :)

  2. P.S- I would not hesitate to wear this as a wedding dress if it were white, off white, or cream


  3. ooooh!! I won't be able to wait until summer to try that tea/lemonade mix. It sounds delish!
    That is a gorgeous dress... and I had that same thought about color when viewing the BHLDN line:)