24 February 2011

Cameras: a different perspective

Usually cameras are a mode for producing art by being a photographer's right hand and capturing images... but in these cases, the camera has become the art as it remains the center each artist's attention.
I love the way each one has "captured" the camera in their own personal style just as many photographers might use a camera to capture the same thing all in their own way.

By Susana Parada from Parada Creations

By Joni James {definitely check out the rest of his incredible Calligram work-- I found him through **Happiness Is...**}

Some my favorites right here! Kiel Johnson has worked with cardboard to create over 12 different cameras. {Click HERE to view the rest}

By Christine Berrie {drawn with graphite and color pencil}

More awesome cameras:
Camera covered van {you'll have to scroll down a ways to see it- I couldn't get a direct link}
Camera Lamps {again, scroll down}

{I did my best to give direct credit/link to each artist. If I featured your work and you'd rather me not, I will be happy to remove it}

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