05 February 2011

DIY :: Braided Rug Coasters

If you didn't see it, here's the "behind the scenes" story for this project. 
{next time I make these I think I want to do a complete mismatch of fabrics!}
Now to get to work!
To make one coaster, you'll need:         
Nine 17" strips of fabric (these make 3 roughly 12" braids which in turn make coasters that are roughly 3 3/4" in diameter)

Take any three strips of fabric and lay one on top of the other. Safety pin together and then either have someone hold it or safety pin it to the knee of your jeans while you braid.

Stitch the end of the braid (it's okay if you have a few tails)

Then trim the excess fabric.

Repeat until you have at least three braids to work with.

Using a needle and thread, begin with one braid and stitch it to itself-- working in a circle (think of rolling up ribbon or yarn, only on a flat surface). Then just add each braid until you're finished. Definitely try to keep your stitches hidden on top but it's fine if the fabric frays and leaves threads sticking out.

You're done!! Now send me a picture:)

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