27 February 2011

My grandma sent this out to her children and older grandchildren this last week and with her granted permission, I'd like to share it.
"I've been wanting to write this note for a long time, and since Dad's/Grandpa's/Chuck's 80th birthday is coming up, I thought it was about time I stopped procrastinating.
Since it has been 25 years since our last "chick has left the nest", I wanted you to know things about your Dad, that probably I'm the only one who knows??
Dad has always treated me like I am the most important person in his life.  I always felt loved.
He constantly tells me how beautiful I am, still?
Never criticized what I was wearing.  (Not like me, I would say "You're not wearing THAT, are you?")
He was always there for me.  If he were heading out of town for a few days, and I was having one of those mornings when I couldn't get it together, he wouldn't leave unless I was calmed down and thought I could handle another 24 hrs. (being pregnant and taking care of the kids, without any other family support around).
If he were out of town for the week and I was having discipline problems, I knew I could call ANYTIME.  Even if he were with customers, he would take the time for me to get the offending child on the phone and have a talk.
If I was down, he would work at cheering me up.  He does have a great sense of humor.
He told me he loved me EVERY day - even on the days we would have a disagreement.
He always tells me our dinner was delicious, even if it was just leftovers.
When entering a building, he would always hold the door for me and let me go in first.
When exiting a pew in church to receive communion, if he were going out first, he would always step back and let me go first.  (Made me feel so important.)
When at parties, etc. he would always make sure I had a drink or that I was occupied.  He'd never leave me alone to fend for myself.
I could probably think of more, but knowing he was HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY, made my life free to be ME.
Love you all,  Mom/Lois/Grandma
P.S.  I saved this in my DRAFT file, to think again if I should send it or not.  I got my answer.  Earlier today, Dad walked in with a dozen Red Roses. Today is the anniversary of our FIRST DATE - February 24, 1957"

my reply:


This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. And SO precious! As I was reading, it kept reminding me of my Daddy, your son...who obviously learned it from his Daddy. And I also thought of how I've seen these same traits in my uncles. Grandpa truly has already created a legacy (as have you, I might add!).   I thank God so often for the wonderful Gluntz family I was blessed to be born into and for you and Grandpa who have given such examples to us all. Not by always being perfect, but by learning from your mistakes and working to do better the next time.

I love you both so much!

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