26 February 2011

Mystery color?

A little while ago I mentioned this milky-minty-ocean-greenish color {here} that I was loving but didn't know what to call! Well officially, I still don't. It's a shade in between Jadite and Fire King Turqoise-- a mixture of both the milky green and milky blue-- but not really one or the other. Is there a name for it that I'm just completely missing? I could use a little help in my knowledge!
A collection of Jadite and Fire King Turquoise from jaditekate

A few things I have in this shade:

 A few other images:

I'm in love with this image by Teresa from the Meadowbrook Farm

I just found this image of Milky Turquoise Crater Lake {in Indonesia}.
bingo!! I think I may have just found the name of the mystery color!
::Milky Turquoise::
 {so next time I should do more homework/research BEFORE I start writing out a post-- save y'all all of my confusion and muddleness}

It's such a pretty color. Do you like it/dislike it? Do you have anything in this shade?

{I did my best to give direct credit/link to each artist. If I featured your work and you'd rather me not, I will be happy to remove it}

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this color! fun post! I saw that shirt at anthro the other day and loved it to!