29 March 2011

I'm still around so...keep checkin' in:)

I've rather been.... a.w.o.l. {absent.without.official.leave}...as of late. Let me just say this- March {always and without fail} is a ridiculous month. A little of everything gets thrown in to make it a really fun and adventurous time of year *but* also craaaazy busy. I've a few posts in the works but since I'm currently working on 1) catching up on Chem and Am Lit h/w{amongst other h/w-- but these two are especially time consuming} and 2) filling 18 basketball image CD orders... blogging gets put on hold. {Oh and I would love.love.love to catch up on some personal photos somewhere in there- they've been too forgotten}
{Hopefully soon} be looking for some posts that have to do with a silhouette mini-shoot, an overview of my March {*I hope* to have personal photos edited by then to go along with that post!}, a load of inspiration that hit my inbox a week ago, an introduction to my two film cameras and another gorgeous day mini-shoot. Oh yes- I'm also in the works of refreshing my blog layout and design but that might just have to wait longer than I wish it to.

Until then, here's a few links waiting to be discovered {by you of course!}

Online Auction in honor of the Burns family- Thurs., April 7th 9a - Sun., April 10th 9p {This is a local family whom I don't know personally but have many mutual friends with. They were on their way to Florida March 18th for vacation when their car was struck by a semi. The Daddy/Husband was killed instantly, leaving two boys and a Mama/Wife who was sent to the hospital with injuries but will live. This auction is one of several fundraisers to support them as they didn't have life insurance.click here to encourage them}

say YES! to hoboken is my new favorite blog to follow! fashion,diy,food,home... a lil' of everything!

I want to make one of these. Love the cut and length...not to mention the color is so purty!!

The bright pops of color here in contrast to the overcast background coincide with Indiana weather so well. Little peeps of spring are starting to show but we keep getting dreary & cold winter days!!

Cannot *wait* to make several of these garlands to string across my room as a ceiling cover.{Mama just reminded me that I won't have time for personal projects like that for at least two more months. You have no idea how sad that makes me!}

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