07 March 2011

layering skirts and dresses

If you're tired of dark clothes and completely ready for spring-- well you're not the only one! I've been craving Spring and everything it brings since the first week in February! This post may be a little dragging though since it's all about layering. But maybe you'll be able to take something from it and implement it with spring layers.
  I've grown so attached to layering this way that I'd be awful loathe to give it up come spring weather so I'm already exploring options for layering short and knee length spring skirts. I should have pulled this post together months ago -when it'd be more useful to the rest of y'all in warmer climates... but for those of you who are someplace like me (where Winter just does not want to let go) and warmer clothes are still a must , these ideas can be a way to throw some spice into that winter wardrobe.

Sort of a patriotic 40's look here;) And super comfy. I layered a skirt *on top* of a dress this time and it worked great.
Yes I want spring!!! For this look I layered several pieces that would be too thin by themselves but combined together create enough warmth for day in the high 50's or 60's. {oh and don't you love that lil' sprig 'o hair? teehee. I didn't notice it until afterward:) }

Here are two of the ways I've worn this dress/skirt combo. This dress was a slightly awkward length above the knee and all had a tendency to stick to my tights or leggings when I walked... but adding the skirt underneath lengthened it a bit and took care of the "stickiness".
Another outfit with the same gray dress as before.

It's hard for me to give definite guidelines for how to layer skirts and dresses because when it comes down to things, it really depend on the two pieces you're layering and how they fit together. Here are a few tips though and if you have questions, I'll do my best to answer them!

  • Try to keep the width between layers to a small amount so it looks intentional and flows well. (It just looks silly to layer a mini skirt with a below-the-knee skirt.)
  • Pay attention to the fabrics you're layering. You typically don't want to layer a spandex/cotton skirt with a wool, etc. 
  • You also don't want to look like you just threw two skirts on that day-- the under layer should look more like an *extension* to the other skirt.
{thanks and kudos to Ellyn who snapped all of these for me:) I really need some modeling lessons though!}

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  1. Well one of the best fashion tips is out of the bag! I have been doing this for some time now, I didn't even realize other people did it too! I have the first and second dresses that you have. I really like the last picture, the green, the patterned "under-skirt", and brown belt go really nicely together.