10 March 2011

Stripes: On the Lower Half

As you may have noticed- STRIPES ARE EVERYWHERE right now! I picked up a vintage striped skirt at Goodwill recently and though I felt completely blank with how to wear it, it came home with me because there were things I just loved about it. I WOULD FIND A WAY TO WEAR IT, YES I WOULD!!
 See?! Isn't it just marvelous? {ooh and when I say vintage- I mean that it was originally supposed to be worn at the waist and hit between the shin and ankle. I love tons of vintage styles but...not that one.}

I loved the length of it (to the floor maxi skirts=my fave) and I had ideas with how I wanted to wear it...but I was stuck primarily because I'd never worn stripes on the bottom half before! It didn't help that the ideas I had didn't fall within clothing I already had in my closet! I also wasn't crazy about throwing just a solid top with it-- I wanted something with detail but not too much so that it was overkill.
Here's a few ways I've worn it so far-- but hey- as you know from this post- I'm better behind the camera than in front! 
 My favorite so far. I borrowed an over sized graphic tee from my sis for a little slouchiness (my wardrobe could use it's own graphic tees) and threw the bright cardigan on top to cheer up a lousy late-winter day {spring. please.please.please come soon!}

How would you wear a striped skirt? I would *love* your ideas, thoughts and suggestions!
Oh and looking for a striped skirt for yourself? Forever21 and Anthropologie have a few!

Striped Slub Knit Maxi Dress and Vertical Stripe Skirt from Forever 21

Anthro had this cute tulip version a few weeks ago when I first drafted this post but unfortunately it's gone already!
So how do you like to wear stripes... and have you considered wearing them on your lower half?? 


I found this skirt clearanced on ModCloth but it probably won't last long so snatch it up!

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  1. A: your are soooo Anthro and adorable!
    B: i MUST have that tulip petal skirt!!!