12 March 2011

Teacup {and teabag!} Art

{This has been sitting in my drafts for a while now... all it held was some links {to amazing things} but I needed time to pull those links together into an entry.}
I love seeing how others have been inspired by teacups {and teabags!} to create truly unique items.
I'm a huge tea drinker {yes, it won out over coffee a long time ago. It isn't that I don't like coffee...I just like tea more!} but also as a result of the many tea parties held at my home, we've collected quite an amount of tea cups and saucers.  Some of those in our collection might eventually be turned into a few of the projects listed below;) The teacup clock is one of my favorites <3

 Watercolor painting using steeped tea! Find the tutorial from Ez at her Creature Comforts blog

Mary from Nova Scotia uses tea cups and saucers as mini bird baths. {A tutorial isn't given, but I'm sure it something as simple as drilling and screwing them down into the post}

 Kate gives a great tutorial on how to make these teacup candles! It can be found here: Kate's Teacup Candles

Love these teacup bangles from StayGoldMaryRose {though I'd be likely to break them!}

Teacups can always be used as wall decor whether done in a simple fashion as seen above or something more elaborate!

And why not grow a moss garden {or any mini flower garden} in a tea cup?! Such a cute idea! IsisMade features her moss garden tea cups.

Love the way this tea comes packaged... and as someone else said- shouldn't they be called "TEA shirts"?!
More photos can be found on this site, but I'm not sure where they are sold.

No-sew teacup pin cushion tutorial from punk projects

Marvelous cup and saucer clock from Vintage Revivals {Check out the tutorial and make your own!}

The teacup "candl-ier" from ThreadSociety

{I did my best to give direct credit/link to each artist. If I featured your work and you'd rather me not, I will be happy to remove it}

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