30 July 2011

1 Dress. 100 Days. for orphans.

Speaking of stretching your creativity to the max aaaand doing it for an incredible cause.... meet Miss Elaini!!  {Read her story *here*}

She's wearing ONE dress for ONE HUNDRED DAYS for orphans!! It's been so cool to follow her journey and watch one dress be transformed into {almost!} 100 outifts! But more than that, to hear her passion for helping these children {she has such a talent for beautiful word pictures} and see her get closer and closer to her goal of $50,000. 

And that's where *YOU* come in. She's going on day 92 with $34,235.71 left to raise and *YOU* can help her reach her goal!  
"If 1,000 people gave $34 dollars we would meet our goal!!!"
That might be huge but from where I come from {the body of Christ}, that is nowhere NEAR impossible!! So Text ORPHAN to 52000 to give $10 or visit her BLOG and click on the "Give Now" button to contribute. 

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