31 July 2011


Just heard this song on the radio for the first time last night and immediately thought of the upcoming movie Courageous which will be in theaters September 30th.   Also had the thought that the song will probably be in the movie and guess what? Sure enough, when I watched the music video today, clips of the movie are part of it!! 

I am so excited about this film and the message it so strongly brings. It's a call and a challenge to this generation; to the fathers and sons. To stand up and be leaders. To throw away the world's glasses and put on those of Christ's.
But it's not just for the men. I think it will hold something poignant and challenging for each one of us. Are we ladies letting the men in our lives be the men and leaders God has called them to be? Or are we trying to control and be the leaders ourselves... and in the midst of that making our brothers, husbands, sons, fathers discouraged & run-down.
 The world expects so little of men & women today and does it's best to confuse the special roles God has given specifically to gentleman and specifically to ladies. But God calls us so much higher, makes perfectly clear His calling for our lives, and gives us the strength to be *courageous* as we work *together* for His glory.

{I rarely cry during films... but I think I might need to carry a box of tissues with me for this one}

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  1. Emily, I can't wait to see the film too, but JP and my husband has a special screening, and they loved it. they reported both laughter and tears almost side by side. We've had the music playing and think it's powerful! Come over and visit me and leave me a greeting...Blessings!