19 July 2011

|| Dressology ||

I'm loving Ruche's new dressology because it's enabling me to share something with you that I've wanted to post about for several weeks now... only they've already done all the photography, editing & such so I can share it with you right now instead of in another couple of weeks! 

Using one piece of clothing for so many different outfits and in so many different ways is just too much fun!  I've have several pieces that are rarely worn the same way twice in a row because they just have so much potential! Uncover the potential in your wardrobe.   Next time you think you need to go buy some new clothes, just dig a little deeper in your closet;) 

So enjoy Ruche's inspiration and maybe when I have a  chance I'll do a follow up of my own outfits to give you more ideas!

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