27 July 2011

Film Cameras: Rebel G

You thought I was done introducing my film cameras right? Well I thought so too-- at least for the present. But then Daddy found another one for me while we were in Michigan... and the Rebel G was added to my filmer family.
I found Daddy on the front porch of our lake house when I got back from the lavender farm with the girls one morning. He had this mischievous grin on his face and after telling me about his bike ride to Harbor Springs {the next town over from where we were staying} he told me to go look on the dining room table. Goodness was I surprised! And so excited! He found the camera body, two lenses and a swell tripod {I just might have been *really* excited about that tripod!} at a yardsale for practically nothing. So cool!

This was one of the last film cameras produced in the Rebel line before Canon started it's Digital Rebel line. Introduced in September of 1996, it was a camera that could be used by the serious photographer or the hobbyist. Outside of being film, it's so very similar to my first digital, the Canon Digital Rebel Xti.
It also came with two lenses which fit my dSLR 50D but the autofocus motor is worn out on both so they can only be used with manual focus.

I've only shot with this camera a few times but here are a few pros and cons I've noticed.

  • The ISO hits 6400 manually if needed
  • It's very versatile with lenses

  • The body itself is so incredibly light that any lens you attach feels like it's about to go off the deep end. {I'm thankful they came back with the bulkier bodies for digital because although it's a little more weight to carry during a shoot or event, it balances the weight so much better allowing for comfortable transportation.} 
  • Only 3 AF sensors {maybe I'm just spoiled!}
  • Plastic lens mount

 This is probably the film camera that I would use in more difficult lighting situations or whenever I still need help learning something.
As I mentioned, it came with two lenses. 
A 28-80mm kit lens {as seen on body} and a Sigma 70-300mm 4-5.6f/s lens {as seen below}. 
I wasn't incredibly crazy about either when I tried them on my digital but I might like them more when used with film. And it's nice to know that I can always use my 28-135mm 3.5-5.6f/s lens on the Rebel G body if I'm totally dissatisfied with the other lenses. 
Can't wait to get some rolls of film developed!!

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