12 July 2011


Here are just a few of the sites I've been surfing recently that are definitely share-worthy!  

Spotted Moth ~ a lovely boutique with vintage flair... much like Ruche but they also specialize in Art prints, hand made items and gifts for guys.

Libby Story~ truly vintage and recycled clothing & one of my fave!!

Unexpected Expectancy~ Reasonably priced vintage style jewelry
Copper Etiquette~ stunning dresses for every occasion

Jem Apparel~ a classic feminine clothing line with a vintage twist
              don't forget to look at the Hidden Jems page for a collection of the owners favorites!      

Spancy Ketosherosh Vintage~ a shop full of handpicked vintage items including clothing, accessories, home decor & more! The shop is temporarily closed from July 11th- 17th but check back when it reopens!
Happy Thoughts~ I know this sweet Alabama girl from my southern PB days and though we rarely talk anymore, I love to check up on her blog every once in a while because it's always just so full of life adventures, inspiration & her awesome style! You might just love it too:)

and last but not least... Mary just introduced me to Amy Kuney and I've fallen in love with her voice. 
Take a listen:

*images are by me; please ask before copying or using!
**note: I obviously don't agree with every single mode of dressing or advertising as seen on these websites but at the same time, there are wonderful clothes and loads of inspiration in each one of them so please just use your own discretion.

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  1. I'm so glad you posted these (including the photos)! You have quite the talent for finding unique and fun sites. :)