09 July 2011

More Bullet Points:)

1} My Macbook Pro arrived yesterday and has already shown how amazing it can be!!! Thank you Lord for the provision!! No more lost photos from crashed computers or having to empty all my files off the laptop as soon as I'm done working with them!

2} Swing dancing at FS tonight for the first time in a year was just so amazing!! Hadn't realized as I danced other places in between how much I missed the FS scene! {and I'll definitely be missing my swing partners big time when in August one heads to New York and the other to Taiwan for a year!!}

3}Heading out to MI for a week with my family in just a few hours!! Since our van was in an accident and isn't safe to drive such a distance, insurance is covering a rental. Praise the Lord!! But guess what color van my Daddy chose? Fire engine red {15 passenger}. As if we don't already attract enough attention:) But the boys are happy cause we're huge Ohio State fans representing as we drive through Michigan! haha

Have a marvelous weekend y'all!!

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