07 July 2011

Portraits | Micah

Micah means > who is like Jehovah?
 Micah received his GED within just a few weeks of me getting my diploma so we had the opportunity to graduate together!! This mini-shoot was about the equivalent of a mini Senior shoot but I'll refrain from calling it that:)

 Using his bike in the shoot added a really fun demention for me to work with and he was super obliging every time I need it moved a little bit differently:)


1 comment:

  1. Emily,
    These pics are excellent! Tell Micah he is a great model. Also ask him to be careful :0 on that bike!!! The time shared with your family and friends was just super. The company and the food were marvelous! Give your mama a big hug from me :) Congratulations again!!!
    Love to you all.