25 October 2011

DIY Tutorial: Handcrafted Letter Cards

I ran into a quandary a few weeks ago... I needed some stationary! I had cards but... well, frankly, unless I'm being super short and sweet, cards just don't give enough room! I was thinking about hand stamping/designing some stationary of my own {which I probably still will do} when I ran across this photo on pinterest. Instantly I had the idea to make little cards which had more than one page to them!

Thus, this simple tutorial was born:) Since I was in a hurry, I just brushed a few strokes of paint to the card stock but if you have more time, there are so many ways you could decorate them!
{Add a few more pages and you'll have a simple jot book for yourself or as a gift!}

one sheet of 8 x 11 card stock | one sheet of computer paper | pens, markers, stickers...anything you wish to use to decorate outer cover | sewing machine or stapler | scissors

Step one: Cut 7 1/2" x 5 3/8" rectangles out of your card stock and computer paper

Step two: decorate one side of your card stock

Step three: If you wish, draw or stitch lines onto your computer paper

Step four:  Lay your two computer paper rectangles on the back {or inside} of your card stock rectangle. Mark a line down the middle and then either stitch down the line or staple. {If you use your sewing machine, be sure to back stitch a few times to make it more secure}

Step five: fold in half and compose a letter to someone!

Use THIS TEMPLATE to make an envelope to match:)


  1. Emily, I love this idea!! It is so frustrating to run out of room in a card. But pretty stationary is so much fun! Hey, if I bring my pretty paper from the store on Mass Ave, could you show me how to do this?? :D

  2. Wow! Did you stitch all of those lines? That is an incredible labor of love. Adorable. And whoever is on the receiving end is in for a treat; snail mail is the best especially with wonderfully long messages. So inspiring. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

  3. @Mary- we will totally make some cards out of your pretty paper! bring it over anytime!
    @Courtney- you are so sweet! and yes, snail mail is by far the best!!