07 October 2011

l'armoire part 3

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 I've spoken to so many girls who ask me, "how in the world do you find good stuff at thrift stores?! I never do!!". 
The trick? Patience.
 I know, I know. And of all people I probably lack patience the most. But it's worth it.

Ultimately: don't expect to go thrifting and find a gold mine! Sometimes you do but most times you don't! It's always hit or miss:) And it's totally okay to only walk out of there with one or two finds!

Keep your eyes open for the unexpected and don't be afraid to branch out a little from your usual style. And don't necessarily put something back you love just because there is something you don't like about it-- if you know you could change that part. At the same time,  don't fill your closet with things that need a little altering but you'll never get to! I learned that the hard way! Only take it home if you have a purpose and plan to refashion it soon.
That also reminds me to point out- don't be afraid to pass something up if you don't *really* love it. Cause otherwise you'll just end up with a closet full of things that you *kinda* like but rarely wear. It's okay to be choosy! {Also learned this the hard way!}

Another thing. For the longest time I would get so frustrated because nothing ever fit! I'd find cute skirts but they'd rarely be my size. Shirts were always too short or stretched out or too big. Then I started to learn little tricks to make things work when I didn't feel like altering the piece of clothing.

For skirts: If it already has a few pleats or some fullness, typically you can get away with safety pinning the waist in the back as long as you wear a wide belt or long cardigan over top.
For shirts: Tuck. Belt. and tuck some more! And if you layer pieces it really helps with this. 
For dresses: Too short?  Tuck it in to jeans or a skirt and make it a top. Or add just the right skirt underneath to extend the hem temporarily. 
For shoes: sadly there's no help here. they either fit or they don't.

Obviously each item of clothing is different and these tricks won't work on everything but it can't hurt to try. Definitely avoid bulkiness with all your pinning, tucking and belting! That's never classy! You want the pieces to look natural- not like you've had to wrap it around you 15 times! I'm not always successful here either so keep trying!!

Btw-- if you were wondering-- sizes in my closet range anywhere from a 14 girls to a 12 womens...

I hope these posts were helpful {if you're wading through piles of clothes you don't wear!!} and encouraging {you can have a great wardrobe and not spend much!}! Remember this is a process... and one that takes continual refining to fit your style and the way you do things. Things rarely happen overnight and they certainly didn't with me:)
Feel free to send more questions my way!


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  1. This post totally makes me want to go thrifting! Very inspiring and encouraging!