05 October 2011

mixin' the patterns

Lovin' the gorgeous weather today!! Hope you're getting some of it wherever you are!!

Here are some of the mixed-pattern outfits I've come up with over the last couple of months. Though most of these outfits were all photographed at once-- it's only because I forgot or was too lazy to photograph them when I *actually* wore them!

 I do hope they hold inspiration for you if you've been wanting to mix up your patterned pieces a bit!! {p.s. I'm ashamed of all the wrinkled clothes! sheesh! I should have held a huge ironing session right before snapping all the pics!!}

cardigan: thrifted/Old Navy | shirt: thrifted/Gap | skirt: thrifted/Gap | necklace: A&E

blouse: Walmart | pink skirt: thrifted/Candie's | polka-dot skirt: thrifted/The Limited | belt: Kohls | shoes: yardsale/Payless
 cardigan: thrifted/ | blouse: thrifted/Arizona | skirt: thrifted/vintage | necklace: yardsale | belt: gift | shoes: thrifted/Target
cardigan: thrifted/Delias | tanktop: Children's Place | skirt: thrifted/Candie's
dress: thrifted/Target | blouse: yardsale: NY&Co. | skirt: thrifted/The Limited | belt: gift | sandals: Meijer | bracelet made by me

blouse: Walmart | dress: yardsale/Old Navy | owl necklace: yardsale | beaded necklace: gift
graphic tee: Ellyn's/Meijer | tanktop: Children's Place | skirt: thrifted/Gap
 shirt: thrifted/Gap | floral skirt: thrifted/NY&Co. | polka-dot skirt: thrifted/The Limited | necklace: yardsale | shoes: thrifted/Target
dress: yardsale/Collective Clothing | skirt: thrifted/Express | cami: thrifted
 shirt: thrifted/ | belt: Steve & Barry's | skirt: thrifted/The Limited | bracelet: gift | shoes: thrifted/Nine West

shirt: Target | cami: Meijer | belt: gift | skirt: vintage refashion | cardigan: thrifted/Gap | sandals: Meijer

 cardigan: Old Navy | cami: thrifted | skirt: thrifted/The Limited | shoes: thrifted/Target

{thanks to Ellyn for snapping the photos for me:)}

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