28 November 2011

Seniors '12 | Michelle

We were running out of sunlight from the get-go of this senior shoot but were still able to get some great shots of Michelle! She is seriously gorgeous! We're planning on doing a mini-sesh come spring but how fun is it to photography an auburn *in* the autumn?!!

I've known Michelle ever since we moved to Indy. I became close with her older sister, but in reality, she's not much younger than me. It's only because of birthdays that we were in different grades. Over the years we've shared family Thanksgivings together, attended way too many basketball games in the winter {she was a cheerleader & my brothers played} and gone swimming & tanning at her family pool in the summer. I've watched Michelle deal with her older brother's sudden passing and mature in so many ways. She is a really hard worker and definitely has the potential to go far. And most importantly, she wants what God wants for her life. I can't wait to see where that takes her!

Here's to a great Senior year of high school Michelle!!

23 November 2011

Thanksgiving Tweleven

There's so *so* much to be thankful for. 
As Miss Ann says, "sometimes my little thankful heart slips a bit and I've got to pull it back up to where it belongs".
 I've felt that way these past few days leading up to Thanksgiving... they've been rough. 
But I have multitudes to be thankful for. 
I can't wait to sit down and write my traditional thankful list tomorrow:) It's usually full of things that I'm thankful for year 'round, but I love having the opportunity to group them all together in one place.

This Thanksgiving, I'll be up bright and early to participate in the Drumstick Dash again {5k run/walk for Wheeler's Mission} with almost my entire family! Maybe it will become a tradition:)

Are there any special traditions or thanksgivings you have?
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving y'all!


edit: super happy to have run 3.5 of the 4.5 mile course & finish in about 45 minutes-- considering I haven't gone running since I picked up cycling over the summer!! thanks Jesus:) and everyone else in the fam had better runs/times than they were expecting too!! woohoo!!

19 November 2011

Travis | Portraits

This was one of those shoots that was talked about months and months ago but not until 2 weeks ago did Jesus see fit for it to come together!
I scheduled the shoot for 10a expecting to wake up to an overcast winter day and needing as much light as possible... but Jesus had other plans! Though it was absolutely frigid, by the time I made it out to the shoot the sun was shining brightly with a blue sky and there were no clouds! 
So thankful for this awesome barn we got to use because things would have been super tricky otherwise!! {Imagine harvested corn fields in all directions, few buildings and mostly bare trees= very little shade and *tons* of sunshine}
But meet Travis!
Travis was a super trooper despite freezing temps, bright sunshine and dripping roofs {it had snowed a bit the night before}-- and when I told him that he said, "well, I might as well do it right the first time so we don't have to do it again":) haha so true.
He loves his dog & cat {as well as all of the other family animals}, living in the country, fishing and doing things with his mom and dad. And he wants to be a police officer like his dad when he grows up:)

Have a look at some of the images we were able to get of this handsome guy before my fingers froze! {Though I have lived here 5 winters, I have yet to adjust to cold weather and Indiana winters}