30 December 2011

look of the day: summer to winter

do you ever go to bed super antsy for tomorrow to arrive just so you can wear the outfit you just put together? no? only i do that? well that's okay. i'm sure you have your quirks too:) haha
but that's just what i did with this outfit. i love the colors.patterns.textures.details... and the overall simpleness of everything..
the dress is a summer weight dress i found a few weeks ago but i just couldn't wait until spring to wear it!
perfect example of summer to winter clothes! {it kinda helps that it's been 50 degrees here lately}

 dress: Goodwill/Target | cardigan: Goodwill/Target | belt: vintage | ring: gift | tights: Kohls | shoes: Target
thanks to Ellyn for taking the pictures


  1. Adorable outfit, Emily! No, you are not the only one who does that. I do that too, except sometimes I plan out really cute outfits for three days in a row. :)

  2. Way to go i-da-ho! We say that around these here parts. :P

    Really though, those purple tights are killing me. Killing me!

  3. don'tcha love 'em Mair?! finally got new tights for Christmas! I'd been surviving on 3 old pairs that we're just begging for a break!
    If you're looking for any- Kohl's had their's on sale for $4. Which is a great price for good quality.

  4. thanks Ashley! happy to know I'm not the only one;)

  5. omgoodness! That's my dress! haha. I love the summer to winter ideas since I don't have a lot of winter clothes. Thanks so much!! :D

  6. no way!!! yay! I love that we have the same dress!