22 June 2012

Taylor | Personal Project '12 | Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

If there's one thing I've been told over & over as I build my photography business, it would be, "Never shoot for free. Even if you're just building your portfolio, charge something". And while I definitely agree that there is a whole lot of truth to that {people have to see your value} I think there's room for free shoots. Or personal shoots. Or model shoots - or whatever you want to call them!
Cause let's face it- even if you are only charging $50 for a shoot, you still don't have the complete freedom to try whatever you want because the client is expecting a certain product.
Which is why I decided to do a series of shoots throughout this summer- just for fun. These sessions will give me the time & freedom to try new things & work on perfecting others. I can focus on one thing or several, without feeling the need to produce a well-rounded shoot for a client. I can make ideas come alive.

Needless to say, I'm really excited about this! I had the first shoot this week with my beautiful friend Taylor and it was lovely! She is passionate about Jesus & seeks to impact her & generation & the world for Him. Head over & read her blog, Recklessly Abandoned if you have a moment!

My goal for this first shoot was to ONLY shoot horizontally. Seems utterly simple but the truth is, I really need to improve my horizontal images! It's so easy for me to avoid them & just crop in tighter... or always use the same composition- and that needed to change! 
With the amazing peripheral vision God's given us, all of life is viewed horizontally. And on top of that, movies & film are created in the same manner to be most like life. So learning to create good horizontal images is key. I love vertical/portrait images & they definitely have a place but I'm working to become more balanced in my use of them. 

Due to this draught we're having, I literally drove by 3-4 creeks while "location shopping" that -usually quite full- were completely dried up! And then later, I thought of this park nearby that had a creek & asked Taylor to meet me there, praying that it's creek wasn't dried up as well! Praise Jesus it wasn't! Rather shallow & terribly mossy {thankfully I managed not to slip & drown my camera!} but it had water all the same:)
I think we got little foot massages from workin' the creek so much and I'm so excited to share these images with you!
And Taylor, thank you again for helping me with this project! I hope you love the results!
love it girl!!
oh YES!!!
love these images on the blanket!
Taylor, did you notice that big 'ole bee while we were shooting?! Cause I didn't until it showed up in a few photos literally making circles around your head! Decided to leave it in the final edit though;)
yay!! bouncy skirts!
SO beautiful!
really do love the film look on this one! 
using low light to create some drama!

19 June 2012

Family Session | The Baldwins

Debbie is another woman I work with through HC! When her whole family was recently in town for the high school graduation of her youngest, I headed up to their home to meet them & update their family pictures. 

Here's a peek at their session!