30 July 2012

so happy together.

Summer almost always means road trips to Ohio to see family. This time around it was Daddy's 30th high school reunion so while he & Mama went to that, the rest of us hung out at a hotel, swimming, watching Olympics & watching an incredible firework show that was shot off the roof of the parking garage across the street.
Then on Sunday we had devotions outside, met Daddy's parents for brunch, lounged in the shade at a park & got treat's at Woody's Root Beer stand-- a little drive-in where Daddy's best friend worked in high-school.
Such a beautiful time. 

29 July 2012

28 July 2012

free fallin'.

i really don't have a bucket list for life. but if i did, sky diving would be about at the top. it's been a dream all growing up to someday go sky diving someday. mama & daddy would always tell the story of how they went went they were engaged  & each time it would make me want to go even more!
 well i finally did it! *we* did it. brent, alex & i together and it was AMAZING!!! no roller coaster will ever measure up! free falling for 60+ plus seconds was better than floating under the parachute!!
it went by so quickly but golly was it incredible. i'd go again in a heartbeat!
{check that one off the non-exsistant bucket list.}

26 July 2012

painting driftwood.

i have this thing for driftwood. and i almost always like it raw. but there was this one piece that's been sitting in my room since vacation last year that just never found a home as it was. so, inspired by this, i took to it with some paint & brushes. and found i rather like painting wood. but i still like it raw best.

25 July 2012

"Emily, Emily, Emily!!!! Can you put this on your blog?!!!" -Kyle, Elisabeth & Abigail

that's life.

gorgeous sunset
fro-yo & ice cream
random hikes in nice clothes
beautiful friends
night ride with the windows down
worshipping Jesus during said night ride

saying good-bye