21 September 2012

Tutorial | Upcycled Driftwod Wind Chime

If you were looking for a little creative something to work on, here's a little tutorial to send you into the weekend!
You might not live by a beach or have a stash of driftwood handy, but sticks from a nature walk would work just as well for this project! 
a collection of driftwood/sticks | fishing string or thin jewelry wire | chimes | beads | drill + small drill bit

1}Sort out your sticks to decide which ones you want to use!

2} Then use your drill to create small holes in the center of each stick. {you will drill several holes into the stick you're placing at the bottom of the chime- one for each chime you plan to use}
3} Lay the drilled sticks out to decide in which order you'd like them to hang.
4} Cut a length of string almost three x's longer than the length of your sticks laid out. String a bead onto your length & then match of your ends & let the bead fall to the center of your string. Working from bottom to top through your stick layout, begin feeding both ends of string, together, through the sticks & add beads in between them as you go. Add one least bead at the top & tie off a knot around it. {To hang, I looped a small piece of twine through the string between the bead & top stick, then tied it off}
4} To attach the chimes, string one at a time onto a length of string. Then put both ends of the string through the hole in the stick, bottom to top. Place both ends through a bead, knot the end & trim. Repeat for as many as you choose to use.
{I apologize for the lack in pictures to accompany the tutorial! Sometimes I get so engrossed in a project that I don't think to take pictures until afterwards!}

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  1. I love your comment at the end where you said you get so engrossed in the project that you sometimes forget to take pictures.... I do the SAME thing! I'm not alone. :) hehe