31 December 2012

twenty-twelve re-cap.

after spending the morning/afternoon running errands & helping cook food for tonight's party, i thought i'd take a moment in the quiet to recap this year before the guests arrive & celebrating begins! we're in ohio for the new year {per tradition}... though we almost didn't make it this year due to daddy having the first of two surgeries {for 2 torn rotator cuffs} on thursday. thanks to pain meds, he's feeling pretty good so we were able to make the drive over & tonight will be a big reunion of mama & daddy's friends from college. one of our favorite traditions for tonight is that the youngest chillens always create a ball drop for us at midnight:) it's been snowing again all day so this might just be the prettiest ball drop yet!
how are you celebrating 2012 & ringing in 2013 tonight?!! do you have any traditions?!

2012 turned out to be a pretty exciting year! i didn't have many goals or plans as it began but God blew me away with the blessings & opportunities he brought my way! 
this list isn't all-inclusive or in any particular order but it will give you a glimpse of the many beautiful moments i was able to experience:)

 + got my passport!!

traveled to Uganda, Africa & London England with one of my dearest friends

+ ran the Color Me Rad 5k with friends

+ sang with the Indy Symphonic Choir in a tribute concert for Martin Luther King Jr.-- such a neat experience!! {a one-time event... I've not joined the choir}

+ celebrated my 19th birthday IN Tennessee, swing dancing with dear friends. Alex was in Taiwan at the time & because of the time difference we got to celebrate our birthdays on the same day! {usually one day apart}

+ had some very long standing prayer requests answered

+ took 2 road trips by my lonesome- once to Cleveland & once to Nashville

+ joined friends for swing dancing at Symphony on the Prairie for the 4th year in a row {Glenn Miller Orchestra again!}

+ unexpectedly had to replace my MacBook Pro :/

+ ran Wheeler Mission's Drumstick Dash for the 3rd year in a row- best Thanksgiving Day tradition!

+ joined Christian Community Church

went skydiving with Alex & Brent

+ legally launched my photography business {public launch coming in early 2013, so check back}!!!
+ explored Super Bowl village with the family

+ had the privilege of spending 6+ months getting to know a certain guy. our paths ended up taking separate directions but  I will always appreciate how much he encouraged me to deepen my walk with Christ.

+ went to Texas for the first time & watched Micah graduated from Air National Guard BMT

+ went to a Josh Garrels concert with Hannah

+  traveled/was out of town a total of 86 days--- that's  over 12 weeks!!

+ photographed 3 weddings & had 19 photoshoots with couples, families & individuals-- many more than I expected considering I hadn't publically launched my photography business.

+ watched several dear friends get engaged/married

+ finally biked on the Monon trail

+ became more deeply involved with Heart Change & more familiar with the near east side

+ met so many new people & made many dear friends

+ went kayaking & sailing for the first time!

+ vacationed again in Michigan with most of the family

+ slept under the stars at least once & soaked up every full moon I could

+ was challenged in many areas throughout the year, including my relationship with Jesus, and learned *so* much. i'm still learning to be grateful for growing pains though! 

Here's to 2013!!!!
Happy New Year!

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