18 January 2013

the frothy monkey.

as of a few weeks ago, franklin is now home to not one, but two local coffee shops! no worries, it can handle that major cool factor:) 
the frothy monkey {based in nashville} renovated another old home on 5th st., across from the post office {franklin,tn}, and offers breakfast, lunch & dinner. drinks aren't limited to lattes & americanos though, they have a short list of wines & local brews available as well as kombucha on tap! dishes are prepared using local ingredients... our sandwiches tasted like they were straight from the local farmer's market.
we stopped by on opening day so the place was packed but i can't to go back sometime when it's a bit quieter!
getting latte art lessons from the barista!
 {i-phone photo of our crew thanks to Brandon}

16 January 2013

corner sunshine.

i'm so thankful for times like these. just workin', chillin', and enjoying the little things with a dear friend!

*the kids room at the coffee house is a super happy place:)
** thanks to Susannah for the pictures of me