20 August 2013

and this is how we chill.

these images are from the end of a wonderful day. after rarely being home the entire summer, its been so relaxing to work from home the last two weeks and spend time with my family. this last weekend was lazy & perfectly summer in every way.
friday night mama & daddy went out to celebrate their anniversary (23 years!) so i took the chillens down the road to a bike path and we walked/rode bikes for a while. then we came home, made/ate pizza and had a campfire with s'mores. (i was positive that fire would sputter out in 2 minutes but it ended up lasting a few hours & was great! i'm starting to have a little more faith in my fire starting skills now! haha) then a few of the chillens camped out in the tent:)
saturday morning, after sleeping in, most of us went back over to the bike path with daddy and rode around the rest of the morning. in the afternoon i started taking some of the chillens portraits and then we all headed for an afternoon swim at a friend's home. spending time in the sun & splashing around  never felt so good! then to wrap up the day, we had desert first & then picked up pizza to-go and took it to a local park where we hung out & watched the sun set. 

i'm not ready for summer to slip away... not just yet.

12 August 2013

lake monroe | take two

it felt so good sitting in the sun, cruising over the lake, laughing & singing with friends and just spending a day chilling this last weekend! i wasn't very good about picking up my camera but i'm grateful for these few images (some snapped by alissa & jimmy}.