29 September 2013

italy twenty-thirteen | roma on foot

we had phenomenal weather the entire trip (with the exception of a little rain in venice) 
and it made our touring that much easier. 
especially since we were walking most of the time!
 we explored the northern part of roma's city centre, making sure to stop by the pantheon,
 climb the spanish steps, throw a coin in trevi fountain & purchase
 original artwork in piazza navona.
 along the way we stopped in various churches, enjoyed
 sorbetto on a stick, relished our first roma pizza 
washed down with refreshing white wines,
 marveled at ornate buildings & enjoyed the street musicians. 
by the time we made our way over to the vatican (st. peter's basilica), 
it was dusk and the church was closed so we did our share
 of admiring it from the outside in the empty piazza.
 (to give you an idea of it's vastness, the letters on the front are 7 ft alone)
we walked back through trastevere while deciding where to eat dinner.
finally we settled at a little family restaurant right next to our flat
and enjoyed some of the local favorites before heading to bed.
next up: venizia!!