22 October 2013

italy twenty-thirteen | the forum

this is last italy post for a while! can't wait for a next time!
 because there *will be* a next time:)

our last morning in roma we set off to thoroughly explore the roman forum. 
we left plenty of time to catch our flight...
 but ended up have a little trouble with transportation to the airport and 
watched with hearts sinking as the minutes ticked by.
 when we finally got to the airport, we bolted (read: RAN!) through the terminals. 
somehow, miraculously, italian security let us through
 even though we hadn't checked into our flight or stashed our bags.
 we made it to our gate *just* in time and stood in the tunnel, 
hearts racing, to board the plane. phew!
 wasn't planning on such an exciting exit
 but thankful we made it and didn't have to deal with missed flights! 

roma is such a beautiful city and i don't believe i'll tire of it any time soon!

15 October 2013

italy twenty-thirteen | return to roma

after a fabulous wedding weekend in venice, we packed our bags, stopped at the cafe for our morning espresso & croissant & started out journey back to roma. we arrived mid-afternoon and found where we were staying, which turned out to be only 2 blocks from the colosseum! the neighborhood wasn't as quaint & lively as trastevere but we still had a cute little room to share. and just as we were crossing a street on our way to the flat, we looked over and who did we see but Annie!! gosh did that make us feel at home-- seeing a familiar face in a distant city! we had picked up some meat, formaggio, fruit & a baguette at a little market & we devoured it all in our room-- famished after pulling our luggage behind us for over an hour! 
recharged, we set out to explore the colosseum at sunset. we did a little more walking around after that to see some views of the city and then headed back towards our neighborhood to find a place to eat. we  settled on a little trattoria catty-corner from our flat. the couple next to us ordered something that smelled heavenly and when we asked, they said it was the lamb. So we ordered our meal in courses.... a plate of formaggio, some simple pasta and the melt.in.your.mouth lamb all washed down with vino. devine. we finished off with tiramisu and then sleepily walked back to our flat, exhausted from a long day.