26 November 2013

i'm so excited to have launched the new Fernweh Photography website & blog yesterday!
Still figuring out what to do with two blogs… but I think for now, I'll still be posting personal images here:)
have a peek at the new one >> www.fernwehphotography.com

15 November 2013

kinder & nutella.

these images are mostly for my cousin jan. it was thanks to him that i learned about these little treats in the first place. i was walking through venice with jan & chrissi the day before their wedding, snapping some casual images of them in the area where he grew up. we stopped in at the little bakery he used to go to as a kid and he pointed out these little egg shaped packages colorfully labelled, "kinder". "do you know those are illegal in the U.S.?", he said. "are you serious? why?", i responded. "well apparently they are a choking hazard to kids", he said. they are little chocolate eggs with a little toy inside and apparently some kids don't understand that you're not supposed to eat the toy".
so later when i ran across them in the airport during our layover in frankfurt, germany, i couldn't resist buying a package of them to bring back for my siblings. of course it was a win:) the girls loved them! and honestly, there wasn't a single piece of toy in any of them that would have fit well in my mouth, much less a child's. c'mon 'merica. get with the game:)
the mini-nutella is something i picked up in the airport in austria on our way to italy. we are huge nutella fans in my family and the fact that these were literally miniature replicas was way too cute to handle!! too bad there's only 2 tablespoons of yummy chocolate in them:)

11 November 2013

here or there.

jes' a few miscellaneous snap shots from here and there this fall:)

06 November 2013

b-ripple & the 3 wise men.

one gorgeous evening i met these girls in B-ripple to take Kathryn's senior pictures. 
we were all starving afterwards so we decided to try three wise men for the first time.
smashing choice. so yum! 
always love time with these friends!