21 June 2014

gathered around the table.

i know i've said it many times, but being with people i love & gathering them
 around a table to nourish them with food & conversation makes my heart so full!
this little dinner was rather last minute but sometimes those are the best ones!
 it was a united effort as we spread the table, prepared summer dishes & prayed the rain away:) 
 maybe it seems silly and just adds to the work load to carry tables & chairs & dishes & food
 all the way outside just so we can eat together under the twinkle lights… but to me, it's so much more than that. 
it's the community that takes place when we work together to make a dinner happen & the collaboration
 of many ideas as we discuss how things should be placed or what toppings should go on the salad.
 it gives us an opportunity to build & create together and then fully enjoy the work of our hands
 as we delve into the flavors of the season-- sharing stories over blueberry pie & glasses of wine
 until long after the sun's set. 
happy summer!

{thanks to ellyn & liss who captured many of these images!}

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