31 July 2014

// beautiful eulogy //

josh garrels has been my favorite music artist for a few years now and i got to hear him live twice which was phenomenal (here &  here). sometime last year, through him, i first heard about the trio, beautiful eulogy. even though i spend the majority of my time in the 'hood, rap still hasn't become my music of choice… but through these guys and my attempt to get back into a regular running routine, i've found that i can appreciate it in good doses:) i saw last minute that beautiful eulogy was going to be in indy so ellyn and i made a sister date night of it and went to see them live. they were opened by 6 way st. & givens who both held their own… but b.e. was definitely best of all. and my favorite part was the fact that one of the guys spent a solid 20 minutes sharing the most beautiful explanation of the gospel i've ever heard before closing out the concert with one last song. so good.

29 July 2014

// another day on the farm //

snapping & canning green beans and putting together a picnic table-- just a sample of what a day might hold when visiting my grandparents:) i'm grateful i got to have some time with them and my cousins a few weeks ago, even though it was short!

22 July 2014

// misc snaps //

just a few more images from ohio… most of them captured by ellyn:)
so thankful for time with johann and our grandparents even though it was short!