24 October 2014

atlanta, ga | schniepp and sweet water

this week a crew of us drove down to atlanta for the open house at focused community strategies ministries hosted by bob lupton and his staff. we came away with our heads spinning and chock-full of invaluable information as they humbly shared what they have learned over the course of years working in urban neighborhoods.
it also just so happened to be schniepp's birthday week so we pulled out a little dirt & worm's on the bus,  put together a collaborative birthday video, toured/tasted at sweet water brewery and ate some delicious burgers at yeah! burger to celebrate! 
here's to the guy that has had us laughing almost every minute since we got to memphis! if you think he's shy or quiet, you've got it all wrong:)
p.s. fave sweet water brews were georgia brown and festive ale- we definitely recommend doing their tasting if you're ever in the area!

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