02 October 2014

// dinner on the mississippi //

y'all, i'm so thankful for the many, many times spur of the moment picnics have happened this year. each one has been a life giving, restful time to enjoy a meal outside (and more often than not, a gorgeous sunset too) in whatever location we choose. this time was no exception.
 while home for lunch break one day last week, devin and i had the urge for a picnic. so as soon as we got off work that evening, we tossed some dishes & food in a bag and grabbed a bottle of wine… and then had to double back to the house because, as always, we forgot the bottle opener. rather useful & important, that one:) dev took me to mud island (literally did not know this place existed until a few months ago!) and it felt like we drove straight out of memphis and right into a totally different city.
 the blanket is another thing we forget more often than not so we laid out our spread on a certain cement slab (*cough*thesewage*cough*) over looking the mississippi. memphis can definitely hold it's own when it comes to sunsets and we witnessed a beautiful one before heading home. 
these drawn out summer days are exactly what i had hoped for when moving back south and i love them! also, i'm incredibly grateful to be sharing life with this woman and learning from her!

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