16 November 2014

// celebrating eleanna //

this set of images is definitely some of my favorite from this fall. eleanna stayed with me for a full weekend while in town for some fashion design work and we celebrated her birthday early while touring the city! sharing life with her makes my heart sing and it reminds me what a treasure it is to share laughter and amazing conversations with the same person through the years!
since this was el's first time to memphis, we did a whirlwind trip through some of the major touristy spots but made sure to swing by harbor town and end the day with popsicles from la michiocana and a tour through binghampton:)
 special thanks to this sweet friend for letting me snap a few photos of her since my camera has laid pretty dormant this fall -and she grabbed a few of me as well- it was a spectacular day!

03 November 2014

{sos builds}

i meant to have this post up weeks ago but it got buried and i just thought of it again! 
each week i get to spend some time with incredible staff and a great crew of kids through the sos builds program. throughout the whole school year, they are learning how to build a clubhouse for neighborhood kids in binghampton. among many other activities, we have learned about design, listened to our "customers", visited an architects office, worked on communicating our plans together, and built popsicle bridges to demonstrate the different styles of structures. {read a more detail feature on the sos blog: HERE)
i love watching the kids blossom and grow as the high school staff pour into them each week and ally does a phenomenal job of leading our entire team! be on the lookout for a finished clubhouse in the spring! building relationships with this whole crew has become a highlight of my week!