17 February 2015

// sos leadership summit //

these kids are the bomb.com and i can't speak highly enough of them:) they were each nominated by their youth leaders to attend the sos leadership summit because they are all deeply invested in their communities and neighborhoods.  most of them also have a long track record with sos camps as well and it's exciting to get to know those who may be coming back and leading camps in the next 5 years!

our weekend together was packed full of sessions about humility, leadership, effective service and kingdom building vocations. we went on exposure visits around the neighborhood and visited local churches and homes in the community. our evenings involved working on our creative projects, corn hole tournaments and full on dance parties:) getting to know each of the 28 guys and girls over the course of the weekend was so encouraging to my heart. this is the next generation of world changers y'all! whether they live in the suburbs or the inner city & whether they are called to a vocation in ministry or in the business world, i'm so confident that they will be seeking the welfare of those around them and building up the kingdom of God!
major shout out to jonathan who planned and coordinated the leadership summit and to taylor, andrew, devin, tara & daniel who co-led and helped to share the responsibilities all weekend!