04 March 2015

// new orleans //

new orleans. y'all, what a city!
as you may have seen from my previous post, we rolled into town just in time to grab dinner and beignets before turning in for the night. but saturday morning found us back in the city once more as we drove through the beautiful tulane college and loyola university campuses. from there we followed st. charles; admiring the stunning homes all the way back to the garden district where we meandered up & down the streets and bought hand made popsicles (before lunch!) at a local farmers market. 
around lunch time we found our way back to the french quarter and spent the rest of our day exploring that neighborhood. it literally felt like we had been transported to a european city across the world for a day and we couldn't get enough. street musicians, gorgeous cathedrals, rows of artists with their work to sell, open air restaurants and color everywhere!
we had a rather swanky lunch and then wiled away the afternoon buying flower crowns for our hair, listening to musicians, browsing lots of shops, gawking over the amazing buildings, admiring all the art and even stopped to have a poem written about us!
we couldn't have asked for a better day in this crazy city and making memories together was so much fun! i think back to the many months i prayed for my roommates before we all moved in together and Jesus has just answered those prayers above and beyond ways i could even imagine! such a joy to share life with them on the daily!

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