23 March 2015

// sisters in the 901 //

one balmy afternoon a few weeks ago, anna and ellyn rolled into town and surprised me at work! such a great start to the weekend:) they got to be apart of our saturday morning pancake (and beignet) breakfast and we spent the few days we had together exploring the nooks and crannies of memphis. probably our favorite highlight was the brooks museum of art right by my house and the solid collections they have on display right now! we stayed there till we felt our legs would fall off from standing/walking!
 our last night together we sat at central bbq laughing till we cried over awkward stories and then ran up to the roof of the peabody to see downtown memphis amidst the fog & rain. 
so thankful for these two sisters, their hearts for Jesus' kingdom and how well they love me! it's been hard having geographical distance between us but they make it seem like it's not as far as it truly is:)

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