27 April 2015

// princeton prom //

just one week ago, the three of us girls were sitting around our table eating breakfast with jonquil and talking all things prom. "you're not going to your senior prom?!", we gasped. "but jonquil, you're a senior. you HAVE to go to prom!"  as we talked through it and heard her reasons, we realized that we knew several others who weren't going to their senior proms either. "what if we threw our own prom here next week?", said tara. 
and that, friends, is how the princeton prom was born. 
actually, we didn't even decide until monday whether or not we were actually doing it so technically we planned prom in less than 5 days.
 but thanks to some amazing people (taylor, schniepp, tasia, tara & devin) things came together REAL QUICK!  that's how we roll y'all:)

we had a very diverse age range of people attend our prom (including 2 three year olds and several people well past high school), neighbors stopped by at random & our playlist had everything from HSM & backstreet boys to chris brown & taio cruz. but that made it all the merrier & our celebrity guests (and 4 HS seniors) of the night were caroline, jonquil, abigail & patrick! 
what an absolute blast making this night special for them!
prom pictures happened (see below!), we danced until our legs were sore and at the end of the night we announced the prom king and queen by random drawing: Basuze & Jonquil!!

12 April 2015

// resurrection day //

living eight hours from family makes quick weekend trips difficult but thanks to a few days off at the close of spring camps i was able to hightail it to indy for easter! these days are priceless.