20 May 2015

// nine months //

it's been a busy (yet restful) last 9 months since the five of us first met on that rainy saturday afternoon and now here we are at the end of our internships. next week we transition into serving at the sos summer camp in orange mound for two months but last night we celebrated with our last tuesday night academy intern dinner. the hamp line is just across the freeway from our house so we scrounged up enough bikes for everyone and rode to overton park for a little picnic and some tree climbing. 
there's a whole lot of unknowns and scary transitions staring us in the face but we're learning daily to leave it in Jesus' hands as we seek to faithfully put one foot in front of the other. we aren't the same 5 people we were 9 months ago and that's a gift. the Lord's grace has been abundant in every moment. there are a countless number of people who have poured into us, stopped to share wisdom, and embraced the questions we posed. we'll always be learning and i pray the Lord continues to open doors and opportunities for us to serve with abandon and live thoughtfully in the coming weeks, months & years. 
memphis, this is just the beginning.