09 August 2015

// jbh //

it's been several years since a summer of my life went so undocumented on this blog. working at SOS114 left very little time for personal life and i only picked up my camera once. but it was an incredibly rich summer of learning to serve fully and live well in the present. spending the very first moments of every day with Jesus, being stretched and called to more, finding joy in the daily mundane and getting to share the whole experience with the best group of people ever. (you can watch a video recap of our summer here). we wrapped up that season of our lives just one week ago, also closed the doors on our academy year and moved out of a home that can tell countless stories of abundant community and life richly lived. in the midst of these bittersweet transitions, the five of us interns got to roadtrip to the chesapeake bay to spend a few days at tara's bay house with our maryland fam. 
these last few days have been so restful and full of new experiences! i'm thankful for the love shared and memories made that make saying goodbye so hard.