10 September 2015

torrey pines + beach picnics

the last time i was on the west coast, i didn't even get 24 hours in san diego before having to fly home. this time i managed a whole 48 so we're on the up & up! haha but goodness did we get to fit a lot into a short amount of time! saturday morning caleb & liss took sarah and i up to la jolla to do a little hiking and fit in some engagement pictures. it was a beautiful day and the views were stunning!  the only bummer to living in memphis is there is no good hiking or outdoor stuff unless you drive a few hours away so i was soaking up every minute of our hike up and down the mountain!

later that evening after liss's bridal shower, the three of us girls took a beach picnic to coronado where we listened to the waves, caught up on life and lay on our backs watching the stars. after a while we decided to walk through the coronado hotel (pictured below) to people watch and get a taste of the atmosphere. swanky stuff lemme tell ya! on our way out, we snuck into their beach area and commandeered a fire pit for a while until the concierge approached and ever-so-kindly asked if he could have our name to put on the check-in sheet. haha that's the kind of story we'll remember for years to come:) love these women SO much.

08 September 2015

// celebrating liss //

liss is getting married!!!!! ahhhhh! beyond thrilled about this!
just over a year ago she & i were co-hosting and attending bridal showers & bachelorette parties together for dear friends and now its her turn to be celebrated! sarah & i were so thankful for the opportunity to spend a weekend doing just that and on saturday we gathered with the women who have poured into & loved liss so well since she moved to california. sarah did a phenomenal job hosting the shower and we spent time affirming liss, speaking words of wisdom & praying over her & caleb as they prepare to enter this new season of life! 
i know i've said this before but i'm blown away at the sweet affirmation that comes from praying about something for so long and then seeing the Lord bring it about in His perfect timing. that's not to overlook the heartache, struggles, frustrations & doubt that were part of the process, but it's such a good reminder of how well He cares for us & works from a much bigger vantage point than we do. getting to share the last few years with liss leading up to this season has been one of the biggest gifts in my life. as we've journeyed through the highs & lows, sought to be women of grace & truth and have been challenged to live & serve fully in singleness, this sister has faithfully pointed me back to the Father every step of the way. we've prayed long and hard over the man the Lord had for her and it has been such a joy to watch caleb pursue her heart.
 liss is one of the most vibrant women i know and the joy of the Lord flows out of her in abundance. she's loyal, compassionate & trustworthy. whether she's sharing Jesus with her patients in san diego, flying around the country to celebrate friends or pouring into her second home in the Dominican, liss constantly invests deeply in people. there's no doubt in my mind that the Lord is bringing these two together to be a team for His glory and i can't wait to see what the coming months and years have in store for caleb & liss!